my 4 yr old son looked forward to seeing Dr. Carolne


"My 4 year old son had a severe milk allergy.  Drinking milk or eating ice cream caused a terrible eczema breakout all over his body.  There were other symptoms too.  Dr. Caroline suggested NAET allergy elimination protocol.  IT WORKED!  Before the treatment began Dr. Caroline thoroughly explained how NAET is performed and how it works.  Her explanations were professional, friendly and completely satisfied my concerns.  Dr. Caroline continued to explain and educate during the treatments.  My son was at ease and looked forward to seeing Dr. Caroline for each treatment.  Three months later he was allergy free.  A year later he continues to enjoy cheese and ice cream- treats we previously had to deny."

-Ellen Meehan

lasting solutions


"Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with a neurological conditioncalled Benign Fasculation Syndrome (BFS). There are many symptoms but mainly it causes those afflicted with it to develop small randommuscular twitches throughout their body. The severity and frequencyof these random muscular twitches can vary over time and there is no known conventional medical cure.

Dr. Caroline treated me with Applied Kinesiology, NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) and JMT (Jaffe-Mellor Technique). These energy medicine techniques coupled with Dr. Caroline's experience and skill have truly made a significant and positive impactin my quality of life. Many of the symptoms I experienced with BFS have completely gone away while others have dramatically reduced to the point where I can once again live a normal life. When I was firstdiagnosed with BFS by my general practitioner and neurologist, they wanted to prescribe me anti-depressants to help me manage the symptoms and the twitching. They only offered temporary 'band-aids' whereas Dr. Caroline offered long lasting solutions.

I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences with Dr. Caroline. She is dedicated to getting to the bottom of what is causing problems in her patients. She is kind, caring and compassionate and truly cares about getting you healthy again. I would recommend Dr. Caroline to anyone who is experiencing chronic medical problems and has had little or no success with conventional medicine. The tools and techniques she has at her disposal are truly amazing."

- Sean Mahoney

wish I had her from the beginning


"Dr. Menousek is a phenomenally intuitive practitioner with numerous skills that have made me feel like I've received extremely comprehensive services many times over. She is the fourth chiropractor I've had over the last 6 years (I move a lot) and I only wish I had her from the beginning. I just wish she could come to Boston with me! "

-Daniel Leonard

allergetic-free way of life


"Dr. Caroline has helped me and others I have sent to her. She not only does the traditional chiropractics of the body but also relieves alergies.

I used to get bad bleeding rashes on my face from a drug I need to take to stay alive. She treated me and I have not had a rash in 10+ months. I can't show Caroline my gratitude enough.

I highly recommend Dr. Caroline to provide you with a healthier and allergetic-free way of life."

- Cheryl Hoberg


help even past the actual visits


"Dr. Caroline is the doctor's doctor. I have been fortunate to have her help my wife and myself. She is superbly skilled and gave us treatment and advice that has continued to help even past the actual visits. I am fortunate to work with Dr. Caroline and listen to the happy patients leaving each day with solutions to their quality of life problems. I am happy to recommend her with the highest regard."

- Sean Lynch