• Dr. Caroline Ricker

Tried Everything for Your Food or Seasonal Allergies? We bet you haven’t tried this!

For some people, allergies are really obvious. You go outside in the spring, summer or fall and BAM! Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and throat hit you like a ton of bricks forcing you back indoors. Or maybe it’s food allergies. You eat a delicious stir fry only to start with hives and the feeling of your throat starting to swell and you realize there was shellfish in there!!

While these allergy issues are definitely not fun, the advantage is that they are obviously allergies and can be treated or avoided to some degree to help the sufferer live a better quality of life.

But what if you didn’t know your symptoms were allergy related? Low level food, environmental or chemical allergens can cause more mysterious symptoms like chronic eczema, stomach issues, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and more. These symptoms don’t “scream” allergy, so people often end up seeing doctor after doctor attempting to find the cause of their symptoms. They can frequently end up on multiple medications or be told that their issues are “all in their head”.

Great news folks! If you know what allergies you have, or even if you aren’t 100% sure that your issues are allergy related, there is a great way that you can have these allergy symptoms relieved for good!

If it sounds too good to be true, read on!

Let’s talk about NAET, the new(ish) treatment for allergies that everyone should be talking about. NAET stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. It’s definitely a mouthful which is why we appreciate the acronym and will be referring to it as NAET from here on out!

NAET is a treatment that combines the best parts of a few different schools of medicine in order to help bring the body back to a state of balance where it can properly tolerate the allergens that it is currently fighting.

I’m going to say something here and it’s going to sound a little crazy, but that’s just how I roll so here it is. There is no such thing as an allergen. Yup. I said it. Here’s what I mean. “Allergens” are really just normal everyday substances; plant pollens, dusts, food particles, things that pretty much everybody comes in contact with every day that should be completely tolerated or just simply eliminated by a well functioning body. There’s the caveat. If the body is dysfunctioning, then it may respond to some of these substances improperly. What should be a quick sneeze to eject the substance, or a little mucous to get the pollen out of the body becomes a full blown attack on the particle.

This shows up as crazy amounts of sneezing, constant runny nose and congestion, post nasal drip and runny itchy eyes, even though it doesn’t take all that to get a little particle out of the body. Now, chemical “allergens” may be more real, because they aren’t something our body was designed to experience since they are lab made, but that’s a topic for a whole other post.

So what does NAET do that can fix this process?

Practitioners of NAET use a combination of parts of chiropractic, kinesiology and acupuncture to set the body back into balance. Your amazing body uses different “channels” of communication to send signals throughout its systems to keep everything functioning efficiently. Some of these signals travel through the central nervous system and some of them travel through energy channels known as meridians. If some of these channels are blocked or malfunctioning then the signal meant for a specific part may become blocked or misinterpreted. This is where improper reactions like allergies begin.

When you go in for an NAET evaluation, your practitioner will use kinesiology techniques to evaluate what substances your body is overly sensitive to, generally starting with essential nutrients and moving out from there. Any time there is a pathway that is found to be blocked they can then use a combination of chiropractic and acupressure to alleviate these miscommunications are restore balance to that area. While, this process can sometimes require several treatments, it is also very effective at creating a permanent resolution to the situation.

This is so fantastic because it means that those who know they have allergies can expect to have these issues relieved, but maybe even more importantly, those who have these “mysterious” illnesses and never knew what they were allergic to can also experience relief without having to jump through so many hoops!

Imagine walking outside without having to check for tissues, eye drops, antihistamines and your inhaler!! Imagine being able to eat out at a restaurant without wondering about every little ingredient in the food! Imagine finally knowing why you can’t seem to get rid of you dry skin and headaches and waking up feeling refreshed in the morning!

As an experienced practitioner of NAET, I can say from a huge amount of treatments and testimonials that these things are possible!

If you want to learn more about NAET you can look up an experienced practitioner at www.naet.com or contact me, Dr. Caroline Ricker at:

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Dr. Caroline Ricker has been passionately helping people avoid unnecessary medications and surgeries since 2009. She combines a very logical functional medicine approach to digestive disorders and more using a more alternative holistic approach, utilizing standard lab tests and in-office evaluations as well as nutrition, acupuncture and homeopathy.