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The End of Tummy Troubles - Learn to Live Your Best Life Without Digestive Distress!

Most of us have experienced the uncomfortable digestive symptoms that comes from eating too much of the wrong foods or catching an intestinal bug. Whether it’s gas, bloating, constipation, cramping, diarrhea, or a combination of these, the fact is that it’s just not fun. But if digestive discomfort has become the norm for you and these symptoms are interfering with your daily life it can be super miserable!

Are you the mom who doesn’t feel up to playing with her children because her stomach is upset? Or maybe you are the woman who is uncomfortable going on dates because she’s not sure if the food will upset her system, sending her to the public restroom for an eternity, embarrassed as her date waits for her. Or perhaps you feel trapped at home by bloating and gas, horrified to go out with friends and be stuck with crippling abdominal pain and embarrassing gas.

If you're like most people with access to the internet, you’ve researched and tried different diets like the GAPS diet or Whole 30, or even a crazy cleanse. Maybe you cut out gluten or dairy or you’ve taken probiotics or other supplements to curb your symptoms. You might have even had to resort to medications like proton-pump inhibitors or antacids. If you’ve been dealing with this for a long time perhaps you've had your gallbladder removed or another surgery. But what if none of this works????

Many folks end up at a gastroenterologist and have been given a diagnosis like IBS or Colitis. These diagnoses do little to help your situation and the real question remains, why do you feel this way and what do you do about it? Is medication or surgery the only answer? Is this just the way it is going to be forever?

The great news is that the answer is no! There are solutions to what you're going through if you know where to look!

What would life be like if you got a handle on these symptoms, or they even went away completely?! What if you were clear about what foods you should or shouldn’t be eating, or even were able to start eating some of the foods that upset you now? What if you were able to go about your life without even thinking about your digestive symptoms because they weren’t there anymore?

Dive in with me! Over the next several weeks I will be going in detail about some of the common causes of digestive issues I see in my office and how we help address them.

If you are feeling frustrated with trying to figure out why you feel this way and what you need to do to get better, you aren't alone. Often when we feel our medical team has failed to heal us, we turn to self treatment because we feel have a lack of options, but this usually just leads to even deeper frustration. Sound familiar? If so I can't wait for you to see what's coming next!

In the upcoming weeks I'm going to share a new topic with you each week, breaking down some of the "mystery" behind your digestive woes. We'll cover topics such as: IBS, GERD (acid reflux), depression and the gut, and so many more!

Dr. Caroline Ricker has been passionately helping people avoid unnecessary medications and surgeries since 2009. She combines a very logical functional medicine approach to digestive disorders and more using a more alternative holistic approach, utilizing standard lab tests and in-office evaluations as well as nutrition, acupuncture and homeopathy.

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