Natural Allergy Treatment Plans

Because of the nature of the JMT and NAET allergy treatments as well as the individualized needs of each patient, there is no way to estimate the number of treatments necessary to treat your allergy symptoms prior to taking a complete history and doing an allergy evaluation.  When the source of symptoms is unclear it can often be beneficial to run a food sensitivity panel (IgG) or food allergy panel (IgE) for better clarity.


Dr. Caroline will do her best to outline what your treatment plan looks like after a thorough history and evaluation have been completed, but each individual has unique needs and responses to treatments.  It is usually only necessary to treat each allergen one time with the NAET protocol for lasting results, but this depends on the severity of your reactions as well as your overall health at the start of treatment. 


NAET treatments are usually scheduled for 1-2 times per week for the time period needed to address your symptoms.  While you can decide on the frequency of treatments desired, it is important that you return for a recheck of any treatment performed within a week of that treatment to avoid severe reactions.