New Patient Intake:  $195
Includes history, consultation and evaluation

First treatment is usually included


Office Visit: $70

Internal Health or NAET/Allergy or Chiropractic or JMT/Osteoarthritis

Extended Visit: $95

When extra time is needed for addressing multiple or complex concerns


Combined Appointment: $140
A combination of: Internal Health or Chiropractic PLUS Allergy or Osteoarthritis


Comprehensive or Electro Acupuncture Treatment: $50

Some Acupuncture is included in Chiropractic or Internal Health Office Visits


Reevaluation, Exercise Instruction or Nutrition Evaluation: $35

Functional Blood/Lab Analysis: $45


Labs, Supplements, Homeopathics, Equipment, etc.: varies


Because insurance companies do not cover most of the natural, non-invasive, patient specific treatments we offer and will limit the application of covered treatments we are out of network with the insurance companies.  All services are paid for at the time provided.  We are happy to provide invoices for you to submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement if your plan covers these out of network services.

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