Chiropractic Treatment Plans

Corrective Care: 3 Phases of Treatment

The majority of patients seek out care when there is a noticeable dysfunction in their body.  Most of the time these dysfunctions don't appear out of nowhere but have been lurking under the radar for a while and eventually become symptomatic.  Other times you may suffer from an injury or other major stress that pushes your body over its threshold and you become symptomatic.  In any case, when you reach the point where symptoms are present it can take effort to correct the dysfunction and retrain your body to respond to stressors more effectively. Dr. Caroline will present your personalized treatment plan to you following a comprehensive history and exam to determine your needs.


Phase 1: Intensive Care - typically two visits per week for two weeks.

When a patient comes to Whole Health and Wellness for corrective care, the treatment plan usually begins with a series of appointments scheduled close together with the intention of relieving symptoms and stabilizing the condition as quickly as possible.  This series of treatments is determined based on the severity of symptoms as well as your specific diagnosis and goals, but may range from two visits per week for two weeks or three visits per week for four weeks. 


Phase 2: Rehabilitive Care - typically one visit per week for a month.

Once the initial phase of Intensive Care is complete the frequency of visits will decrease slightly, but will usually remain around one visit per week for about a month depending on your progress and your specific diagnosis and goals.  Although symptoms have often significantly decreased by this time, it takes time to retrain your muscles, ligaments, and nervous system to function in the proper way.


Phase 3: Maintenance Care - typically one visit every-other week for two months.

Most patients are nearly or completely symptom free when they reach this phase of care, and the goal is now to maintain this new-found level of health and to prevent your original condition from returning.

Wellness Care: Typically Once Every 3 Weeks

Although most patients don't begin their journey at Whole Health and Wellness symptom free, many patients enjoy the many health benefits they have noticed during their chiropractic care and want to continue their treatments.


Dysfunction is usually present in the body long before symptoms are noticed, and regular chiropractic visits can help to catch these dysfunctions before they become more serious.  


Regular chiropractic has been shown to provide many benefits, including:

  • injury prevention

  • boosted immune function

  • decreased frequency and intensity of illness

  • relieved stress and tension in the body